Welcome to the website of Clifton Hill House's Junior Common Room (JCR).

The Junior Common Room
The JCR is a committee of students who will be elected by Hall residents after the start of term to represent everyone living in Clifton Hill House and 115 Queens Road.

The JCR is responsible for organising the in-house entertainment throughout the year, such as the Halloween Formal, Christmas SnowBall, Valentine's Formal and Garden Party. The JCR also co-ordinates the CHH & QR sports teams and the performing arts events, such as plays, musicals and concerts. 

The Three Horses is CHH's very own private bar. A number of our Freshers' Events will be held here as well as events throughout the year!

Check out this website and our Facebook group for up-to-date information on forthcoming events

Please note that this website is currently being updated for 2014/15 so it is likely that links/pictures/content may change before September.


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