Christian Union

Welcome to CHH Christian Union!

We meet every Wednesday evening at 7pm to do a short Bible study, support each other in our faith and to help anyone who wants to explore what Christianity is all about. Everyone is welcome; come to chat, meet up with people, eat food (very important!) and learn more about our God. We look forward meeting you all and spending time with you this year!

James Douglas

Heya, I'm James and I'm a 2nd year Medical student. I like my sport (especially tennis and skiing) and music - mainly drums. As a local lad, I won't be living in CHH this year - but I'm never that far away and I do like a good social so give me a shout as and when!

Sophie Brown

Hey, I’m Sophie. I study Music and German (I stand by the fact it’s not an odd combination, as people seem to think!) and come from a small village on Dartmoor that no one else ever seems to have heard of! I will be living just up the road from CHH next year and you will be more than welcome to visit for food and an excuse to lounge on a sofa (a novelty you’ll grow to appreciate while in Halls!).

Bethan Hughes

Hey folks! Bethan here - I'm a second year Welsh/Kiwi (Apparently the term is "Wiwi") Biology student - although you will hear none of either accent, attempt-to-talk-Mandarin-er, harpist, and breakdancer. (Or so I claim.) This year, I'll also be your joint CU leader. My door's always open to you! CHH and it's CU is great, guys - make it all you want it to be, you'll have great fun, and grow a lot, too.

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