Freshers' Committee

What is the Committee?
The Freshers' Committee exists to organise and run all of the exciting events and opportunities available to you during your first few weeks at Clifton Hill House. It is comprised of a group of last year's residents and works closely with the Senior Common Room to ensure that you have the best possible introduction to life at University.

This year's committee includes the following individuals:

Jethro West

Welcome to Clifton Hill House and Queens Road! I am Jethro West, Chairman of the Freshers’ Committee and have previously been on the JCR Committee as Publicity Officer. I’ve also acted in the hall’s annual production and am currently part of the Three Horses Club bar staff meeting all your alcoholic needs! I study Maths so fitting all this in, and more, over the last year has been challenging at times but worth every moment of it! My message to all of you coming to hall, is get involved as much as you can over the course of your degree – it’ll make your studies so much more worth it and especially this year by getting stuck in with things you’ll be able to see for yourself everything that Clifton Hill House and Queens Road has to offer! I only touched the surface when you think of all the Sports activities we offer as well! But in the meantime, enjoy all the things we’ve got in store for you!

Abbi Robertson

I have spent two years in CHH and would not change anything about it. Being in hall is so fun and lively because there is always something happening, whether it is with your friends or a big hall event. If I could give any advice I would definitely say get involved as much as possible as it will allow you to get to know as many people as possible and will really make your hall experience the best that it can be. Have a great Year in CHH.

Neda Jajeh

I've had amazing two years in CHH and I can't wait for another amazing freshers week with new arrivals. You will find CHH one of the most fun places to live in. Expect amazing events and awesome people at every corner!

Lukas Glaeser

Hi there! I´m returning to CHH for my second year and that alone tells you that I´ve got more good than bad to tell about this awesome hall! A great plus is the fact that meals are in one big dining room, so till the very end of last year I was able to meet new people if I felt like it, just by sitting next to people I hadn´t yet talked to much. There are loads of freshers (and returners) here so you´ll surely find yourself friends! When it is warm(not as often as I had optimistically hoped for) the gardens are a great place to chill out - much appreciated during and after exams! If you´ve ended up being accepted by CHH, lucky you and welcome!

Maximilian Krupa

Hello all! I'm Max and I'm a law undergraduate who will be returning to Clifton Hill House this September.
CHH really is a great place to be throughout the year. Not only will you be able to meet a wide range of friendly and interesting people, but CHH is a catered hall and it's also really close to the main University buildings. There's always something happening at the Three Horses' Club, CHH's very own bar - from Freshers' Week and the SnowBall, to pub quizzes and open mic nights! I really hope you enjoy all of the events and opportunities available to you during Freshers' week and beyond.

Nikhil Sehgal

Living in halls is an experience within itself. They are amazing opportunity to explore living alone and taking full responsibility of yourself. Living in CHH has been a highlight of my first year, the memories and friends gathered are just amazing. Since, CHH is situated in the heart of the city, it a happening place to be in. There are abundant facilities provided to suit the taste of all.
In addition to this, CHH comes up with some of the most extravagant event for it's residents. Making the stay one to remember.

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