Freshers Week 2013 - Evening Events

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Here’s your schedule for evening events organised by your Freshers’ Committee and SCR during your first two weeks at Clifton Hill House and Queen’s Road! As you can see the event times vary but remember that the Three Horses Club bar and JCR will be open from 19:00 every day, so make sure you get down there before the events start to meet up with your friends and get yourselves ready for the big nights ahead!

Please note that all events start in the JCR and are FREE!
(Except entry to the two club nights, but more information will be enclosed below)

Some of you may have seen that there is a Clifton (Halls) Wristband available for purchase - this is not a Clifton Hill House wristband, it is for Manor and Goldney Hall students. Whilst Clifton Hill House and Queens Road students may purchase these wristbands, they are not intended for the Clifton Hill House and Queens Road Freshers' Programme of events and you will not require any form of wristband for any of the events we are putting on. We hope this clears up any confusion!

Saturday 21st – Early Arrivals Meet and Greet Drinks – 19:00

Come down to your Three Horses Club bar and the JCR to meet up with your fellow early arriving students!

Sunday 22nd – CHH & QR Meet and Greet Drinks – 19:00

Come down to your Three Horses Club bar and the JCR to meet up with the rest of the residents and wind down after your first day in hall! Expect to have some delicious drinks available along with access to the pool and football tables, a few activities and a chance to introduce to introduce yourselves.

Monday 23rd – 999 Fancy Dress Disco – 21:00

Think firemen, nurses and coppers – sometimes we all enjoy putting on a uniform, but let’s keep it clean! Get your thinking caps on as there will be prizes for the best-dressed male and female! We’ll have a live in-house DJ, special drinks and friendly faces for your satisfaction.

Tuesday 24th – Pool Tournament, Freshers’ Party Predrinks and Film – 20:00

Make sure you sign up for the pool tournament on the sign-up sheet outside the JCR. Entry fee and prizes to be confirmed. Not a fan of pool? Why not predrink in your Three Horses Club bar and the JCR for the UBU Freshers’ Party? Failing that come down to see your friends and perhaps even watch a film – film to be voted on in due course.

Wednesday 25th – Open Mic Night and Open Decks DJing– 20:00

Want to showcase some hidden talent? Be it playing an instrument, singing, stand-up comedy or reading poetry here’s your chance to make yourselves known in CHH & QR! At around 22:00 we will turn the JCR into a club scene and let you guys come up and show us what you can do on the decks! Sign up sheets will be available outside the JCR.

Thursday 26th – Charity Speed Dating then Clifton Halls Club Night – 20:00

Come along to the Charity Speed Dating in your togas to get to know each other a little more and support Elsa in her cause to raise money for The Plastic Oceans Foundation as she prepares to sail across the Pacific Ocean! Entry will be £2 and we’ll provide music and special cocktails and a place for you all to get a little more intimate and meet Goldney and Manor Hall residents! After the Charity Speed Dating we’ll be joining Goldney and Manor Hall for a night at Motion! CHH & QR toga colour to be confirmed.

Click here for club night information!
Tickets for this will be available for purchase from Jethro West – more information to follow.

Friday 27th – Silent Disco – 21:00

Those of you who’ve never done this before are in for a treat, whilst those of you who have will know how much fun it is! The bar will be open from 19:00 but at 21:00 your JCR will turn into a Silent Disco club and we’ll provide you with headsets sporting two channels, one played by a live in-house DJ. Sing your hearts out and remember to take your headsets off once in a while – you’ll be amused by the results…

Saturday 28th – PJ Party with Pizza and Films - 20:00

Get cosy in your PJs on Saturday night and make sure you bring some money if you want to order a pizza with the rest of the Freshers! We’ll have film showings all night long – to be voted on in due course.

Sunday 29th – SCR Pub Quiz – 20:00

Take on their Senior Residents with their Pub Quiz - £1 entry – prizes to be confirmed. The perfect way to end your busy week, get to know your senior residents and start getting your brains in gear!

Monday 30th – Summer Luau Party – 20:00

Your second week in Bristol kicks off with a relaxed night of end of summer fun with summer music, cocktails and games. Just make sure you pick up your grass skirts and shades!

Tuesday 1st – Clifton Halls Pirate Party and Club Night – 20:00

Y’arrrrrrr! It’s the Clifton Halls Pirate Party night with predrinks and pirate music in your Three Horses Club and bar and then you’ll be shipped off to Thekla – Bristol’s own club on a boat with an exclusive club night with the Clifton Halls, Manor and Goldney! Entry to Thekla - £4 – tickets will be available for purchase at CHH – more information to follow. Otherwise there’ll be a pirate film showing in the JCR when everybody else has left for Thekla.

Wednesday 2nd – Just a night to relax… – 19:00

Tired after a first few days in lectures and a busy Freshers’ Week? Use this evening to chill-out in your Three Horses Club bar and JCR without a themed event or activity!

Thursday 3rd – Karaoke Night! – 20:00

It’s Thursday night so why not come down to your Three Horses Club bar and JCR, quench your thirst and sing to your guilty pleasures. A bar is not complete without a karaoke night – everyone is welcome and requests will be taken on the night.

Friday 4th – CHH & QR Club Night – 21:00

It’s Friday night and after a long week of lectures you’re probably itching to get out on the dance floor again now the weekend’s here! Wear some UV appropriate clothing if you want to stand out from the crowd, as we’ll be putting on our UV lighting with lasers and glow sticks and a live in-house DJ!

Saturday 5th – JCR Hustings Election Party – 20:00

Your chance to stand for a position on the JCR! We will have candidates giving their speeches, votes and then live entertainment to celebrate. More information to come.

Sunday 6th – Freshers’ Committee Pub Quiz – 20:00

It’s time for the Freshers’ Committee to hand over to the new JCR and how better to do it than University Challenge style?! Enter our pub quiz for just £1 and enjoy some interesting rounds of questions from your Freshers’ Committee! Prizes to be confirmed.