President: Anthony Hamblin

As president I look forward to helping you all to have a great year at CHH. Clifton Hill House is a tremendous place to live and work with a great family atmosphere, as you will soon find out. I am fortunate to have a great team and together we hope to provide you with some great events during 2012/13.

                     Vice President: Rachel Lee                                      Treasurer: Aroa Merino Muñoz

                                                 Secretary: Raluca Pop        

Hello guys! Here at CHH we are a big family and the members of the JCR committee will work together to offer you a great deal of events and entertainment to help you make new friends, have fun and make the most of your first year at university. I hope you will enjoy it and I wish you to have an amazing year ahead! 

Publicity Officer: Neda Jajeh                                                                          

Hello to everyone in CHH! I will be your publicity officer for the next year, keeping you all informed about upcoming events/formals/balls in the house. I hope you all enjoy all the fun we have planned for you over the next 9 months!

  Social Rep: Varun Sarwal     

Hello World \()/                                                                      
  University is a great time to learn new things, to discover yourself and to have some fun! And to help you have fun, we've got some fantastic events planned out for you throughout the year.Don't miss any of them and you'll have an absolutely amazing year at CHH!

 International Rep: Shanali Pethiyagoda                                                                                                            

    Sports Rep: Abbi Robertson      

   Congratulations on getting into Bristol University. 
I am your sports rep, so if you want or need anything to do with sports within our halls of residence or just the University in general you can get in touch with me:


IT Rep: Andres Amaya Garcia                                                                       

Hello all and welcome to CHH! I am the JCR IT Rep! Life in hall is very exciting and I hope you have a  great time here with us because to University we not only came to learn, but also to have and make friends that last for a lifetime! I hope that CHH becomes your home too!